Meet Lulu!


Hi Everyone! Meet Lulu! Lulu just got back from the most recent Teacher Training in Thailand! In case you haven’t met her, or if want to know a little more about this stellar teacher, here is some information for you:

When did you first start practicing?

2008. My friend was getting married. She was doing Bikram yoga to get toned. Being the maid of honour I was dragged along for support and I haven’t looked back since.

If you could give one piece of advice to a beginner, what would it be?

Breathe through your nose. It makes practice so much easier.

What do you love most about teaching yoga?

Seeing improvement in students’ pratice is the most rewarding feeling ever.

Have you got a favourite yoga moment you would like to share?

The first time I touched my head to my toes in head to knee with stretching pose. I was over the moon!

Favourite posture? Why?

Camel pose. I always get an incredible high after coming out of the posture.

What’s your favourite thing to eat after a BY class?

A big bowl of boiled vegetables in miso soup!

What do you like to do outside the hot room?

Food and movies. My biggest passions apart from yoga.

If you haven’t met Lulu yet, or if you have, introduce yourself. She’ll be around for a while and an amazing asset to the studio. See you guys in the hot room! Thanks Lulu!

30 Day and 4X4 HALF WAY!

0594c2466da241d902fed47a2b3c8403Oh my goodness! Can you believe it? Half way through the challenge already! How do you feel? Sore? Energized? Happy? Elated? All of it?! Good!

Quite common to feel like you’ve hit a barrier in your practice, but not to worry it’ll pass. You’ll break through it and find new areas within your practice that maybe you haven’t found before. So exciting! Us teachers are seeing great improvements with you guys. Some getting into standing head to knee, bodies opening up more and people creating the mental strength to keep consistent in their practice. So good :).

I’ve noticed some of you guys are having glowing skin too! I’ve even talked to some of you guys about how you feel after class: More clarity at work, sleeping like a baby, and starting to really crave the heat in class! HA!

So, the 2nd part of this challenge? What to do? What to expect? Get ready to find that inner strength that you never thought you had. Just keep on trucking and stay strong!

Don’t forget, this Saturday  the 19th at 10am, we’re doing a Q&A and the downstairs hot room. So if you have any questions about the postures, which i’m sure you do, come hang out with us teachers :). We’d love to help you out with any questions or concerns you might be having. See you in the hot room!  your body and how

Postures in-between postures


Bikram yoga is an open-eyed meditation. We learn to create stillness in the posture, but also, we create a stillness between the postures too. This may be just as important, if not more than the posture itself.

That space between the postures allows us to create an awareness of ourselves as well as a discipline. Thoughts can surface making us want to wipe the sweat off our face, fidget, look at others, or drink our water.

The standing series helps us to learn to have control of our body by being still. It’s the goal but it’s also process. It’s not easy but this is the discipline yoga helps cultivate. By the meditation standpoint it keeps our mind focusing on the current space we’re in, allowing us to have our thoughts and feelings pass through and not reacting to them.

Medically, Savasana, dead body pose allows the body to bring the heart rate, blood pressure and respiration to normal. The posture create changes to these processes on purpose.Savasana teaches the body to return to normal function easily. We also practice this skill so outside the room, when stressful events change the physiological functions in our body we can bring them back to normal.

Try to focus on this the next time you come into class and see how your practice unfolds into a more stronger session. See how it impacts your life outside the room. Just be conscious, aware and trust the process.

External change is not the goal, it’s the by product


The society that we live in focuses on outer perfections. We get caught up in the physical changes that we’re initially looking for in class , and we forget about the inner strength that we develop through progression. It’s important to realize how vital it is to focus on the inner strength which we develop throughout the class itself.

The heat is a way to warm ourselves up from within. In the 90 minutes of meditation during each class, you need to access your inner strength to stay in that state. We release lactic acid build up, oxygenize the body, and allow the body to stretch in a safe environment therefore preventing injury as well as expediting the blood flow to all the organs in the body. By creating the change to the physical body as well as the mental body, the body itself will change through time and progression.

I had a student come up to me and tell me “I’ve been practising for 3 weeks and I still haven’t lost weight. Why aren’t there any changes happening?” I initially told her “Don’t worry about the weight loss, just keep coming, things will change, I promise.

You should not focus on other people practicing in the class alongside you, nor should you worry about the physical change which you see in yourself. By creating the strength to accept yourself for where you are today, you prepare yourself to allow physical changes to happen when your body is ready. When you focus on improving yourself from within, the external change will come as a result. Just come in, breathe, practice your 90 minutes and allow yourself to accept whatever it is that happens.

Patience + Acceptance = Discipline


Will power and strength isn’t something that is developed overnight. Nor is it an easy process to achieve such attributes within ourselves. It’s created through struggle, it’s created through constant failure and getting back up, and it’s also created through discipline. The discipline to understand and respect yourself enough to keep going and  let go of the ego that you hold onto within your practice. By letting go of such things, we are able to take the discipline we create from our experience in Bikram Yoga to things outside in the real world.

Discipline comes from the root word disciple. It is first to accept a path and allowing the process and patience to see what happens as you embark on that path. Through acceptance and patience, you foster discipline. That in turn builds your capacity for patience and acceptance. One that starts with patience and acceptance will find solace in it and the scope of those traits will expand as a result of that path.

We live in a world where everything is instant. Instant gratification and instant results. Bikram Yoga is different. You have to work at it in order to see results and develop better flexibility. At first you might think the class is too long, the room is too hot or postures are impossible. Eventually you overcome those obstacles by disciplining yourself.

Same with life, the struggles/tasks where things seem too hard or too overwhelming at first; starting a new job, having a child, dealing with a life emergencies etc.  When you work on them, over and over, through the failure and learning to get back up and try again, over and over, without judgement is when the changes happen. Bikram yoga provides a practical framework in life dedication and hard work.

Trust the process and keep going. Everything we do in the room we do for a reason. Trust the yoga, trust yourself.

Learning to Unlearn


By coming to yoga, the start of your practice may be fueled by one motivation or expectation. And that’s okay. When starting your yoga journey it’s important to take note of where you are when you start. That could be mentally or physically. Through time and progress, within your practice you will start to, maybe, just maybe, unlearn things that you have learned through your life.

The 90 minute classes forces you to take time out of your day and to be with yourself. To stare at yourself for the duration of the class. Society today doesn’t really allow this self-reflection. We’re too busy running around to actually stop; take note of our own self and figure out what we actually need. That’s why the hot room is a safe place for you to develop and grow. It provides that space for you.

Changing your external circumstances will help you to figure out what internal forces are actually part of you and not just the result of the surrounding that you’re in. We start to become aware of what is important in our lives and what isn’t. The more you practice the more you will find internal truth/self-realization. The things that maybe you thought were important slowly start to dissolve away, leading us to see what really is important to us.

The classes are always a struggle. Sometimes more so than others. But with that struggle/challenge comes change and with change comes self development, or, rather….that place where we learn to unlearn.

Just Start


                                                                                                                        I’m starting in the middle of this post because sometimes you just have to start somewhere. Even if that somewhere feels like nowhere and doesn’t make sense. Some yoga practitioners start yoga because they feel lost in their lives, looking for a place to go, looking, searching, seeking for……something when life opens the struggle flood gates.

In time we realize that those “nowhere” moments are actually a very important somewhere as it brought you to a start. A start of whatever it is that you needed to start at that moment in time.

Regardless of being in the yoga room or not. Starting anything that’s different can be a challenge. And it’s with that challenge that creates a growth. But it’s that being in a place of nowhere that helps propel us into our next destination.

I read a quote that inspired me to write this and I hope it helps you with whatever lingering thoughts and feelings that you might be having in your life, whether it’s in the yoga room or not. I hope it helps with whatever thoughts or feelings that you may be having in your life and I hope it gives you some strength to start something that maybe you’ve been a bit scared to.

“Start now. Start where you are. Start with fear. Start with pain. Start with doubt. Start with hands shaking. Start with voice trembling but start. Start and don’t stop. Start where you are, with what you have. Just….start.”